Panta Rhei

by Jazzadezz

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released April 6, 2012

Dez (vocals, lyrics, voice composition), Alin Zabrauteanu (synths, guitar, drum programming, arrangements), Calin Torsan (recorder, clarinet, mandolin), Alex Stanciu (quitar), Vali Chincisan (artwork)



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Jazzadezz București, Romania


A dream-pop, environment band, with an unique sound in Romania.

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Track Name: Uglyhero Blue
I am not a wave on who you know you tell it everything's all right.
I am not a wave on who you might be so alive.
I sing my song, this sangre shall I direct in me

Water's all around us, you cannot step twice into the same stream.
Water's all around us we're all part of a dream.
I hear your heart, that breath's so loud gathering your life.
Track Name: In the Go (Panta Rhei)
Reaching up when we're someone else
Taking lips of faith, on our way.

Reaching up when we're someone new
Feeling different now, from the ones we knew.

Switch the left with right on the run
From the rising moon, to the falling sun.

Held into the arms of unknown
Taking warming breeze on our shivering bones.

We are, we are
Roots of under the trees
Running underground, hear the sound.

We are, we are
Queens of mumbeling bees
Feeding up the hive
With the vibe.
Track Name: Fairy
Everything will starts again as I wanted
A cross fade
Someone else will take the place I took for granted
I'm ready-made.
Everything I left behind starts to haunt me
In my nighting gale
Take a sit and put your arms around me
I'll cut my nails.

You can put me down
My feet are on the ground
Seeding new life today
You can stay

You see what I found
I find the world in sound
Safe as a sleeping bird
Is what I heard.
Track Name: Shoelace Girl
They say that ringing twice is sign of getting closer
Well, am I reaching so deep

Each is arroused of one or two things
thinking alone has nothing to do with
Dancing's aloud when the fat lady sings
You come undone, love us like you know

No, I can't wait too long, I can't wait too long
Feelings are so strong
Making me go aaaah
It won't be too long, it won't be too long
Untill I get along with this hole heat.
Track Name: Louder
She's all you're not, you are much more
You don't understand her, in everything she says.

She's all you're not
She is the same as you once were and
You'd like to forget.

She never seems to be the one,
She's all you never needed but it's outhere.

You are complet, she's all in parts,
That don't feat togather
Where would you put her tail.

It's all about the body I just wanna see you naked
She said to you, she did it louder, louder, louder.
It's all that is, she said, she's almoust shaking
It's hard for me, I cannot lie, lie, to you.

It's all about the simple things I'd like to see you making
She said to you, she did it louder, louder, louder.
You think I'm not for you, you are mistaking
She yells at you, than starts to try, try, again.

It's all about a stupid dinner you will never take me
She nots her head, she looks so strange, stranger, stranger
She's all that is the perfect kind of danger
She looks at you, she looks so frail, frail, frail.
Track Name: Cuvintele
Cuvintele mele fara cuvantul tau vor deveni cuvantul meu fara cuvintele tale
Track Name: Murder
Following another step, following another line
Lending another coat, when I see how cold is mine
Trading another story, for another me instead
Sleeping in someone's heart, although I wake up in my bed.

I'm not the one, I'm not the same
Feels like I'm moving out from my brain
It's leading me astray
It's leading me further
I can't see how, I can't explain
The one before me took the fame
It's like not living myself
It's like a murder.
Track Name: Crawl
Aha, tear my picture from your wall
You always think I was too small
When I grew up and I was tall

Aha, tear my things and everything
You always think I was a link
To fast and forward
Won't you crawl

Take your time, stay a while
And before you make it your own way
Won't you crawl around my neck today

Run away, it's not too late
But before you make another step
Won't you crawl around my neck today

Open up, please, don't stop
You can hate me, love me, eather way
Won't you crawl around my neck today

Tear my picture from your wall
And everything will fall again into your heart
Won't you crawl around my neck today
Smile with tears I never saw
Tomorrow you will go away
I wish you'd stay
Won't you crawl.
Track Name: Set Me Free (feat. Marina Gingirof)
Noise and sound, the heart beats hard on me
Calling back for hands I cannot see
In my sleep, I am what I want to be
When awake I'm waiting truthfully

The time goes round and round and around and
My life goes by the sound, by the sound and
My voice is making the bound with the sound, is
Making me free, aaa
making me free,aaa

Noise and fear are fingering my bones
Making all my souls look like stones
In my heart is like a night in rope
On my day, is full of dreams and hopes

The world goes round and round and around and
I find it all in touch with the sound and
I sign my life with this song and this song is
Making me free, aaa
making me free, aaa
Track Name: Elephant Dream
You will say your LATIDA
I will answer back with my AHA

You will say you're someone else
I will answer back with: now, what else?

And you said no, you said no, you said no and you said no
You said no, and you said no, you said no
No no no no, aaaaa.

And you said go, I said flow, you said go, and I said flow
you said go, and i said flow, you said go
Flow, aaaa.
Track Name: Pozele sunt ca si o joaca
Cand vrei sa iti soptesc
Let me know
Cand vrei sa ma opresc
Let me go

Asa ca te rog mult, the night is young, hai, mai pune de inc-o cafea
O sa vorbim de-atunci si de-acum
Ca si cand am fi altcineva

Si n-am sa-ti spun lucruri in tonuri de gri
N-am ganduri ascunse, nu vreau trei copii
Mai bine da-mi bani sa te pot iubi
Mai bine iubeste-ma fara sa stii

Cand vrei sa inteleg
Let me see
Cand soarele-i intreg
Set me free

Dimineata devreme se zbate-n perdea
Te-as intinde pe paine si te-as manca
Mai bine-ar fi sa ma retrag printre lei
Mai bine iubeste-ma fara sa vrei